And God heard their groaning, and God remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob. (Exodus 2:25)

In today’s passage, we will focus on God’s covenant. We know that God covenanted with Abraham and his seed, through whom the people of Israel were brought to Egypt. Now in bondage and oppressed, they cry out to God, having some inkling of knowledge of the true God. In response, God hears their cries and promises deliverance.

This covenant that God made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is of the same substance as the covenant made with Moses. We have one strong evidence here: it is precisely because God remembers his covenant with Abraham that we see continuity between the covenant he made with the patriarch and his plan of redemption from slavery for the people of Israel. God does not do something new substantially nor dispenses a new plan of redemption. He does what He has always promised: He graciously condescends (as Westminster 7.1 states) to covenant with us and to redeem us from our sins. The redemption of the people of Israel from slavery was entirely gracious – just as God’s covenant with Abraham – and part of the overall plan of redemption leading to Jesus Christ. And all those Jews who looked forward to their redemption with regenerate hearts knew and had Jesus Christ substantially, though not with the same clarity as the church today.

God remembers His covenant. He remembers because it is one covenant. He administers that covenant differently throughout the history of redemption but it is always one covenant.

I am a Reformed Presbyterian. I offer all content as my own personal reflections. I am not a licensed minister.