This oak-barrel-aged ale is one that is hard to come by here at the Inn, so when we get the chance we snatch it up.

At 11.6%ABV, this is best enjoyed slowly. Poured into a wine glass, the head quickly dissipated. The body is pretty full – a thick beer – but not syrupy. Aromas of scotch give way to earthy oak and foresty notes – it makes it a good snow day beer. First sip hits with flavors of caramel and fig which turn to scotch (not overpowering), the oak flavor hits for a moment, and finishes with a slightly spicey note – not exactly pepper but close.

This is a great New Year beer and will likely be stored in the cellar for next year after it is enjoyed for a few weeks at the Inn bar.

Overall, I give it 4 Knoxs out of 5.



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