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Theology on Tap

What Hath Nicea to do with Geneva?

Much ink has been spilled (…pixels been clarified?) about the eternal functional subordination of the Son in the Reformed/Calvinist world. It is not my intention to weigh in as though I were qualified to do so. Others have already done that. I encourage you to...

A Brakel on the Simplicity of God

The below excerpt is taken from The Christian’s Reasonable Service, 1:3.  As we can neither comprehend the eternity of God because we are creatures of time, nor the non-dimensional infinity and omnipresence of God because we are finite and local in nature, so we...

A New Twist at the Presbytery Inn

Since starting The Presbytery Inn, I have focused on how to understand Scripture, Culture, and the Christian Life. Not only that, but I have tried to demonstrate how these things can be understood from a confessionally Reformed, and distinctly Westminsterian,...

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